by Lilith

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T2000000 Roman Candle
Kills beautifully
Willfully aggressively
Thrusting blade after blade after knife in your chest cavity
Engages the enemy
Powerful anger
Burns buckets of tears
Revenge is not easy
A slow build with fear
But vengeance strikes fast
From the back from the black
You don't see it coming A sonic attack
Grabs your throat
Smack and smash
Make your mind explode first
Your lungs collapse, is that the worst?
Nah not close
She shovin bamboo slivers under your toes
Try to
Your attempt to breathe just a weak flail
She got you now
Defense erodes your androgynous zones
While your world implodes
Roman Candle lights the night and melts
She glows Favorite track: Roman Candle.
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Rex Feminism fuck yeah! <3
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released March 5, 2014

Thank you to Josh and Ian at Resurgent Recordings. Thank you for your support.



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Lilith Phoenix, Arizona

Hardcore/punk from Phoenix, AZ.

Vocals - Sarah McCann
Guitar - Andrew Raffield
Guitar - Samad Agwani

6131 Records.

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Track Name: Wolves' Den
You're a joke. Taking what's ours and making it yours. Like you invented the thought. Like you're the one who fought. You sure deserve this praise, you sure deserve this. Stop misappropriating the culture we bled to build. I'm not sorry that you don't have a battle of your own. I need more than this. There's no room in a forward-thinking community for people who refuse to acknowledge the flaws in their thoughts. How dare you attempt to justify your lack of action. Your compliance is not admirable.
Track Name: Patronus
I refuse to shrink down to how fucking small you make me feel. I refuse to shrink down to how fucking small you want me to feel. Your violence won't dictate me. This isn't my guilt to live with. I refuse to shrink in shame.
Track Name: On the Precipice of Emptiness
Bury me. Void of every. I want nothing. Carnal hate. I'm only vacant. Embrace the empty. Life is fleeting. God is nowhere, never, save for shadows. Coward's shelter. Chasm howling. I feel nothing, I am nothing. Mark of nihil, the manic struggle. Mind as tool, the thought as grindstone. All I love will turn to ashes. I feel nothing, I am nothing. Hallow vacuum will grind up my bones. Thoughts turn shallow, my vision feels forced. Faith behind me, embracing the emptiness. Thieves planting flags. Murderers carrying crosses.
Track Name: Fuck Yr Brotherhood
Compliance won't be my only option. I won't stand in the back out of your way. Your discouragement won't cause me to stray. Do we really need another club that's all about you? Fuck your brotherhood. This is our scene, too.
Track Name: Roman Candle
I won't grieve for my ghost when I can't look at the scars and when I can't eat. It's hard to stand up for yourself when you have to force yourself to care. Give me back my fucking bones. My legs aren't strong enough for his guilt. I won't live with this doubt. His fingers dug into my thighs and up to my cunt. They left scars in their wake. I still can't look at the scars. It's hard to stand up for yourself when you have to force yourself to care. I still can't look at the scars. He's in every breath and every movement. How am I haunted when I'm the ghost? Scream that he destroys all kindness in you and blackens every vision you could have shown him. I am a ghost of a person. I will not live with this doubt. I am a ghost of a person. I still can't look at the scars.